Coccidiosis Prevention Planner©

Successful poultry coccidiosis prevention programs and strategies are multifactorial and involve strict attention to environmental management and husbandry.

Coccidiosis prevention strategies involving the use of feed additives can be very successful; however, the effectiveness of these prevention strategies can wane or fail where coccidia populations become resistant.

The Coccidiosis Prevention Planner© is an instrument designed to guide and record the details associated with the development and planning of an effective and efficient short, medium and long term coccidiosis prevention program for a farm, complex or region.

The Coccidiosis Prevention Planner© (CPP©):

  • records decisions made from scientific input, provides product details and calculates and tabulates various important metrics for long term analysis.
  • can be custom designed to link to internal performance indices and used to guide purchasing of feed additives.
  • can also be used to link and assist in the prescription and regulatory aspects where Veterinary oversight is required.
  • is dynamic and updates and improvements will occur often.
  • can be used to assist in the training of new personnel.

The Coccidiosis Prevention Planner© Medication Table

The Coccidiosis Prevention Planner© is an unbiased educational tool to aid with decision-making and documentation.

The following partners have been regularly updating the medication details in the USA and Canadian versions of the Comparative Medication and Vaccine Tables that all Cocci Planner users rely on while using this software. These partners have also inserted links to the compendium, medication information brochure, and other resources where applicable: